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Fusion with Mr Satan (N/A)
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Added 12/5/2017
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Dragonball Z Episode 268: Union Of Rivals.

The episode first aired on June 28, 1995

Synopsis: The episode begins with Super Buu giving the newly restored Goku, to the count of 5 to find someone to fuse with. Goku has two choices because Tien has been knocked out by Buu. Goku imagines a fusion with Dende, but Goku realizes that would not be a good idea, because the Earth still needs the Dragon Balls, and Dende does not have any fighting experience. The other choice is Mr. Satan. Goku imagines the fusion with him and says that Mr. Satan is not a warrior but knows basic martial arts, so he makes the decision to fuse with Him. Just as it appears he is going to throw one of the Potara to Mr. Satan, Goku senses someone's ki; that of Vegeta, who has just arrived. Goku uses his Instant Transmission to go to Vegeta. Fortuneteller Baba becomes shocked that Goku is back on Earth again and Goku tells her that he came back to life with the help of Old Kai and Baba wishes Goku and Vegeta good luck in the battle. Goku tries to talk to him into fusing. But Vegeta refuses, saying that he has crushed Vegeta's pride once again by holding back his Super Saiyan 3 transformation in their battle when Vegeta was under Babidi's control. He also says that he would rather die than fuse with Goku

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